About Battle Bunny

Hi, my name is Carmen. I’m 33 and live in Salt Lake City, UT where I spend my free time rooting around music and art blogs, traveling with my boyfriend, cuddling bunnies, indulging in friendships and wine, memorizing worthless facts about animals and insects, snowshoeing, camping and just generally trying to maintain a healthy level of rascaliness.

Battle Bunny is a place where I catalogue my mini-obsessions and share my excitement for random discoveries in music, art, robots, nature, science  and anything else that strikes my fancy.


6 responses to “About Battle Bunny

  1. Just happened upon your site. I’m also from Utah and am something of a tourist of oddness. Spiral Jetty, Gilgal gardens, and the Wendover sunshine tunnels come to mind. Anyway, I wanted to know if you knew about the summum temple (a large copper pyramid on the west side where you can have former pets mumified.


    Also awed by the ostrich farm down by Zion (we saw a few at Ching’s farm and sanctuary in Herriman last Sunday.) Anyway, awesome blog, and thanks for the inspiration

  2. Hope you’re doing well! I love your blog and you have awesome taste in music. 🙂

  3. Thank you HoiPolloi! That is so encouraging. My buddy asked me just yesterday if anyone likes my music posts and I just shrugged.

  4. So your blog is amazing! As I’ve been going through the older posts, I’ve been fascinated with each one. The music posts are amazing! Half of the artists I’m already listening to, the other half I haven’t heard of, but am falling in love with.

    I’m also from UT and found your blog through your last.fm page.

  5. What a fun blog you have going on here. And I love your header.
    Please enjoy the photos of my current bunny in my studio:

  6. Thanks for reading, Susan! You’re bunny is adorable. I have three little terrors at home. Bunnies are the best!

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