Lebbeus carmenae

Meet my friend, Shrimp.


Shrimp has been hiding in the deep waters off of south western Australia, sporting polka dots and a mohawk. He only wants two things: to be 80’s punk and to acquire a rightful name.

Anna McCallum, the PhD student who discovered the new species, has opted to auction off the rights to name him. The money will be donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

The cute little guy belongs to the genus Lebbeus. The species name, which the winning bidder will chose, will follow after Lebbeus and finish with a Latin ending  (“i” to signify a male is being honored or “ae” to signify a female is being honored).



As Tim Winton, an AMCS patron, states on their website:

Who wouldn’t love this spotty little bugger? Who wouldn’t want their name on it, and what kind of Australian could resist shelling out for the privilege of naming a crustacean? It’ll be a stampede, so get your bid in early and go hard.

Bidding will continue on eBay through Wednesday, April 1st.

At the time of this post, the current bid was at AU $3,050.00. I guess Mr. Winton was right!


One response to “Lebbeus carmenae

  1. Lebbeus bunnae works too.

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