The Black Lips


I’ve been obsessing over the Atlanta-based garage punk band, the Black Lips, this last month. Besides writing catchy 60’s-esque psychedelic pop songs, they have a reputation for putting on a rowdy show. And when I say rowdy, I mean pissing in mouths, making out on stage and getting chased out of India levels of rowdiness. Word is that they’ve calmed down quite a bit, but they still make incredible music and are pretty easy on the eyes.

You can catch these talented ruffians at the Urban Lounge on April 22nd. You know I’ll be there, with stars in my eyes.

Here’s the video for Cold Hands, from their 2007 Good Bad Not Evil album. And when you’re done with it, check out 200 Million Thousand, their newest album.


4 responses to “The Black Lips

  1. these guys are pure gnar!!! 🙂
    i like the new i’ll be with you music vid, crazy idea for a vid, liking the washed out colours…

  2. Battle Bunny

    Ooo! I hadn’t seen that one! That was great. And the surly clown was a nice touch. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Haha clown is amazing lol, cant decide whether i like short fuse better tho…
    so excited to see them next month in london hopefully !

  4. Battle Bunny

    They won’t disappoint! The show was amazing.

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