Beaver Mania

A few weeks ago I received Beavers: The Biggest Dam Movie You Ever Saw (IMAX) from my Netflix. Last night I was able to delve in and now I have beaver mania! At first I wasn’t sure if I liked their filming style which felt staged and overproduced. However, it was a different experience than any other nature movie I’ve seen and it allowed them to get some incredible shots. Apparently it is one of IMAX’s top grossing films ever. I recommend watching it and highly recommend watching the “Making of” portion afterward. It’ll give you a whole new insight into these impressive little creatures.

Here’s a little clip from a different production about Beavers.


2 responses to “Beaver Mania

  1. kelly has been hanging out with someone and also caught beaver mania!!

  2. Battle Bunny

    I’ll kill her. 😉

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