Goats 4 Hockey

ethiopian-kids15I caught this awesome story while listening to NPR on the way to work this morning.  Joel Nagtegaal and a couple of other Vancouver Canucks fans decided to donate a goat to Kenya to mark each win, hoping to donate 16 goats total. But after the creation of a facebook page and website, others got involved and the effort quickly spun out of control, bringing their current goat count to 956!  According to their post on Monday, you can still get involved.  Oh and I love their slogan: Facial Hair For World Peace.

From their ABOUT US section:

With the Vancouver Canucks set to make a deep run into the play offs, we are looking for something that will help drum up support in areas of the world where they play hockey with one piece sticks that are literally just sticks… and use empty turtle shells as pucks. Well… probably. Anyways, since it is tradition that during the play offs we grow a play off beard or a goatee, the goal is to buy a goat for a family living in poverty for every Canucks win. That’s 4 goats per round x 4 rounds = 16 goats. Each goat is $25 for a total of $400. A small price to pay for winning the Cup. The more people that get in on this, the cheaper it will be. Also, if Vancovuer wins the cup we are buying a village an elephant. If you don’t have money, or facial hair, that’s okay. Then just join the group for fun and support.


4 responses to “Goats 4 Hockey

  1. How are baby farm animals SO darn cute? I mean, the kid is cute too . . . for a baby. But the goat! Adorable.

  2. I told you hockey was the best sport. 🙂

  3. Er, I guess it’s really more the hockey fans…but you get my point.

  4. Manna,

    That looks like a free-range child to me. Those are the cutest. keeps em from getting eaten in the wild.

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