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It’s been a crazy week! I started a new job (which I am loving) and my little bunny friend, Squirrel, was in and out of the vet hospital and on the verge of keeling over. Finally, today, she’s back to normal and I can breath a sigh of relief. I know, I know.. I’m that strange and ridiculous cat bunny lady. I think I can live with that.

Today I stopped by Leia Bell’s cool little print shop, Signed and Numbered. It’s there that I discovered a new favorite artist, Dan Grzeca (pronounced Jet-sah). The Chicago-based artist creates wonderfully fluid prints that mesh the animal kingdom with human engineering. His style reminds me of playful steampunk, but without (and before) steam.. folk-mechanical-punk maybe?

You can follow his progress through his blog or purchase prints at his Etsy store. I think my favorite is the first one I posted below, There is no American Buffalo but the Black Keys set is a close second. Just fantastic.

There is no American Buffalo

Black Keys NYE/D

Black Keys NYE/D

Blue Tiny Cowboy

The Year of the Rooster