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Transparent Frogs, OH MY!


Glass Frog is the common name for the amphibian family Cochranella, of which there are about 60 species. In most glass frogs the skin appears as somewhat opaque lime-colored frosted glass. However, a number have transparent skin (usually on the torso) exposing such organs as the heart, liver, digestive tract and eggs (in females). Species range in size from 1.2 inches – 3.0  inches and are found in many countries including, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and Mexico.



Nature’s not the only one creating transparent skin in frogs. In 2007, Japanese scientists genetically engineered this frog’s see-through skin, which could help to reduce the amount of dissections preformed and create more humane studies on the frogs. The scientists advise to not expect a see-through mammal anytime soon, since their skin differs so much from that of an amphibian and the current technique would not work.