Portugal. The Man

I’m not going to pretend that I have any musical expertise or even that my taste is all that great. But! I do love to search for new music and share it.


The members of Portugal. The Man hail from the Northwest, but I would have never guessed it. It’s difficult for me to place them in a genre. But I can say that whether a particular song is steeped in classic rock or jazz, it is always soulful. Plus, they get points from me for speaking out on their site against that impostor, Sarah Palin, back in September.

According to their myspace page, you can catch them in Salt Lake on March 11th @ The Urban Lounge.

And I


Out and In and In and Out



One response to “Portugal. The Man

  1. P The M is great. And they look damn good slightly sunburned with no shirts. Definite ++

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