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Warpaint – Undertow

I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of weeks – trip to Seattle and then a camping trip to Moab. While in Seattle I saw The xx, Warpaint and Zola Jesus play at the Paramount. It was an incredible show. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Warpaint over the past year. Their new album, The Fool, is out later this month and if it’s as good as their EP, I have a feeling it’ll nudge its way into my top 10 this year. Here’s a new video for their song Undertow which I’ve had stuck in my head off and on for 3 weeks now. Take a listen.


♫ Favorite Albums of 2010 (so far) ♫

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a music post so I decided to make a top 10 list of my favorite albums of the year so far. Narrowing it down was pretty challenging but I think I’ve finally done it! I was surprised (and delighted) to see that half of them are from artists that I’ve been listening to for years.

So here they are in no particular order with a little sample song from each.


Transit Transit



Steal Your Face

“Latin Lover”

Tame Impala


“Solitude is Bliss”

LCD Soundsystem

This is Happening

“Dance Yrself Clean”

Arcade fire

The Suburbs

“Ready to Start”

The Foals

Total Life Forever


Broken Social scene

Forgiveness Rock Record

“Texico Bitches”


Maniac Meat

“Heavy Makeup”



“18 Hours (of love)”

sleigh bells


“Infinity Guitars”

Earth and Space Eagles

I have  two demands today.

1. It’s Erf Day so go do something nice for mother Gaia! Or make a commitment to do something nice all year. I’m vowing to ride my scooter to work most days as soon as it warms up.

2. Check out a new album from one of my favorite bands, Alaska in Winter. Space Eagle is definitely still AIW but with Tron-esque deliciousness sprinkled all over it. I purchased this cassette tape directly from their myspace page and will be getting a poster with the same amazing graphic which I fully intend to  hang in my office at work. As if my Octolope print wasn’t enough. The album is also available in various places in MP3 format. How can you resist something with a description like this (from the band)?

Alaska in Winter has finally finished Space Eagle [the motion picture soundtrack] with nothing but synthesizers and lasers- a musical story intended for the film, “Space Eagle”, which is due to be released winter of 1986.

♫ Short Stack ♫

The Hoof and the Heel


* * * * *

Plants and Animals

“The Mama Papa”

* * * * *

Kammerflimmer Kollektief

“Spookin’ the Horse”

* * * * *

Black Tambourine

“For Ex-Lovers Only”

* * * * *

The Art Museums

“We Can’t Handle It”

♫ Short Stack ♫

I’ve been so busy with the new job and other life stuff that I haven’t had much time to find new music (or post on the blog) but here’s some stuff I’ve been loving lately.

The Delta Mirror

He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You”

* * * * *

Reading Rainbow

“Be Who I See”

* * * * *

Little Dragon

“Looking Glass”

* * * * *

Frightened Rabbit

“Swim Until You Can’t See Land”

* * * * *

Broken Social Scene

“World Sick”

Spanish Sahara

The Foals album, Antidotes, was one of my favorite albums of 2008. I’ve been anxiously awaiting their next album, Total Life Forever, which is scheduled to drop in the U.S. on May 11th so I was pretty stoked to run into this video for a new song, Spanish Sahara. I was surprised by how different it is from the dance-punk rhythms of earlier songs but not at all surprised by how much it tickled the pleasure center of my brain. The video itself is a little creepy but gorgeous and mesmerizing (as is singer Yannis Philippakis and his big brown eyes). Oh and the expansive winter landscapes completely reminded me of a Dan McCarthy painting.. like this one minus the dinosaur.

♫ Short Stack ♫

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a music post. Here are a few songs I’ve had on repeat the last few weeks.

Fan Death – Veronica’s Veil

* * * * *

Warpaint – Billie Holiday

* * * * *

Twin Sister –  I Want a House

* * * * *

Thee Oh Sees – I Was Denied

* * * * *

Pit Er Pat – Water

Top Albums of 2009: 10-1

My favorite albums of the year!

(PS – Has anyone else noticed how bad album art has been this year??)

#10 The AntlersHospice

* * * * *

#9 Screaming FemalesPower Move

* * * * *

#8 The xxxx

* * * * *

#7 Wild BeastsTwo Dancers

* * * * *

#6 PapercutsYou Can Have What You Want

* * * * *

#5 The ThermalsNow We Can See

* * * * *

#4 The Joy FormidableA Balloon Called Moaning

* * * * *

#3 Yeah Yeah YeahIt’s Blitz!

* * * * *

#2 Fuck ButtonsTarot Sport

* * * * *

#1 Grizzly BearVeckatimest

Top Albums of 2009: 11-20

#20 You Say Party! We Say Die!XXXX

* * * * *

#19 Black Lips200 Million Thousand

* * * * *

#18 Le LoupFamily

* * * * *

#17 Drummer Feel Good Together

* * * * *

#16 A Place to Bury StrangersExploding Head

* * * * *

#15 Dead Man’s BonesDead Man’s Bones

* * * * *

#14 Animal CollectiveMerriweather Post Pavilion

* * * * *

#13 Atlas SoundLogos

* * * * *

#12 Local NativesGorilla Manor

#11 Handsome FursFace Control

(#1-#10 next week…)

Gentlemen, Scotch, and Song

Kell and our friend Jared have started a new podcast, Gentlemen, Scotch, and Song. You can listen as they sit down with a fine glass of scotch, discuss music in a polite fashion and completely rock out. I love the chemistry between the duo, which isn’t surprising since they are such funny individuals.

They’ve posted their first show and another should be up in the near future. So settle in with your own libation and flip your hearing switch into the “hell yeah” position.

You can listen via their site or iTunes.

Below is the playlist from their first show:

  1. “Revenge” by Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse featuring the Flaming Lips.  Album “Dark Night of the Soul” in 2009.  Visuals on the project from Mr. David Lynch.  Website : http://dnots.com/
  2. “Brazil” by Cornelius.  Album “Point” on Matador Records in 2002.  Originally composed by Ary Barroso/Bob Russell.  Notes : Original Portuguese version written by Barroso in 1939 under the name “Aquarela do Brasil”
  3. “Bell” by Screaming Females.  Album “Power Move” on Gon Giovanni Records in 2009.
  4. “Dove” by Ikon, remixed by Stephane Pompougnac.  Album “The Concorde Lounge – Super Sonic Jet Set Love” on Casa Brutus records in 2003.  Originally composed by Ireland/Rizzo.
  5. “The Sheep Look up” by dj /rupture and Andy Moor.  Album “Patches” on Cargo Records in 2009.
  6. “Zum Zum” by Mike Monday.  Album “Smorgasbord” on Playtime records in 2006.  Originally composed by Mike Monday.