One for One

I stumbled upon this wonderful company and their wonderful shoes.

For every pair of shoes that is purchased by a consumer like you, TOMS will give a pair to a needy child. According to their site, they have given 10,000 pairs of shoes to children in Argentina and another 50,000 to children in South Africa. Their goal is to donate 200,000 pairs globally.

Besides being a wonderful cause, the shoes are super cool. And they even have a vegan line.

pair3161 pair314


5 responses to “One for One

  1. I dont like the idea of giving kids shoes… I like the idea of a shoeless society.

  2. How many times did you have pin worm when you were a kid Kendyl?

  3. I know. You’d think they’d buy them something useful, like a goat to ride around on so their feet never had to touch the ground.

  4. i thought kendyl got most of the pin worm from eating dirt out of her nails….someone needs to start a free mittens for children campaign. then we could have a shoeless, but mittened society.

  5. My next great political tome shall be titled, “The Great Mittened Society: a shoeless but de-wormed America”

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