Fancy Chicken

First off, I want to say that I really wish I had a band named Fancy Chicken. We would strut around on the stage and impress people with our wicked fanciness.

Next, I hate my neighbors. They have fancy chickens in their front yard. I want to pull a heist and make the chickens my very own. Everyday as I drive to work, I’m reminded that those bastards have fancy chickens and I have none. The owners have paid the fowl in exotic grains to prance a little sassier at exactly 8:15, Monday thru Friday, I just know it.

They look a little something like this.











5 responses to “Fancy Chicken

  1. I didn’t know chickens had fancy kinds!!!
    Can I play bass in Fancy Chicken-the band? It would be cool if every member of Fancy Chicken-the band played bass . . . and if every member were costumed to represent a different kind of fancy chicken. I wanna be the one (third from the top) that looks kind of like a muppet dog.

  2. Manna, you’re kinda brilliant. I will play double-bass in a chicken suit with you anytime.

  3. Yay! It. Is. On.

  4. Hey whats the names of the chickens 3 and 4 (pics)? cause i have them and i dont know what their names are

  5. I know that the 4th is a laced-wyandotte. But I can’t remember what the third is. If you’ve got the patience, here’s a cool site where you can check out the different types. PS You’re so lucky! I am very jealous.

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