Who Am I?

So I photographed this at the Musée National d’Art Moderne at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. I love it but have no idea who the artist is that created it. I spent hours trying to figure it out one night. It was part of a traveling exhibit, so checking the Pompidou site didn’t help. Anyone know?

Update: Thanks to my friend, Cory,  for informing me that this painting is La Grande Odalisque (1964) by Martial Raysse.


7 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. Oh what the.

  2. Fernand Leger. Number 91 of Volume 1 of the catalogue raisonne of Leger’s work.

    No mark or outward sign distinguishes “Woman in Red and Green” from any other painting hanging in MNAM besides the R 2 P code which simply denotes its being recovered after the war as one of the countless pieces looted by the Nazis.

  3. Battle Bunny

    Unfortunately this painting is not Leger’s Woman in Red and Green.
    This is Leger’s WiRaG. And here is the excerpt that you quoted about the Nazi’s etc.. which describes this picture. (Which by the way is still fascinating!) I’m pretty sure the painting that I posted was not a regular part of the MNAM collection, but a traveling exhibit. I guess the mystery continues.

  4. so far the “reverse image lookup” search engines only turn up a few dead-ends…

    here’s the query :


    looks like on that link there used to be a last.fm user who used it as their profile image but they don’t anymore… 😦

    the best result looks to be someone who snapped a photo of it at the pompidou like you did. maybe this person took notes on it? but doubtful…

  5. Sad. You are correct. It would seem my cursory search was shoddy.

    Random Artistic Artist Challenges are fun.

  6. The artist is Martial Raysse, the painting is La Grande Odalisque, taken from Ingres’ painting by the same name.

    Got an art question? Ask an artist.

  7. Battle Bunny

    Cory, you rule! Thanks. Also, your derby stuff is amazing. Looks like you’re not doing too bad for yourself!

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