Emu Thugs on Sanctuary Sunday

Apparently I accidentally deleted my post about the Ching Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary from last week.

Here’s a summary.

1. Geese are bullies.

2. Emus are assholes.

3. All of the other farm animals are wonderful little critters and can be fabulous pets.

4. They’re doing wonderful work at the sanctuary but its expensive and laborious. You can help by volunteering, adopting, sponsoring an animal  or donating money.


5 responses to “Emu Thugs on Sanctuary Sunday

  1. Emus are the sweet bros of the avian world.

  2. Battle Bunny

    Amen, Beardy. Next they’ll be driving jeeps and blasting Rage Against the Machine. Hate those birds.

  3. How could you despise Emus so much when they obviously find you so irresistible?

  4. On another note, I can’t believe anyone would get that close to the frickin’ geese.

  5. Mel, get the sand out of your vagina and pet them. The geese just want to have fun. But damn the emus, they attacked me when I had my guard down trying to pet the little piggy.

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