Stem Cells: Federal Funding Ban Lifted!

Stem Cell research is important to me not only because I have CML, but because my little brother has Type 1 diabetes (which also took my fathers life). Stem cell research looks very promising in that area (and hundreds of others). It’d be really nice to see the poor kid throw away his syringes and eat a big fat bowl of candy.

(Looks like you’ll have to click through to youtube to see the video)


3 responses to “Stem Cells: Federal Funding Ban Lifted!

  1. It’s such good news. Gobama!

  2. Kim Crocheron

    So true! Both of my brothers have Type 1 Diabetes. So much can come from this research!!!

  3. Finally, reason seems to be in control of this country’s decision-making process in some arenas. Huzza!

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