Hanging Home


I’ve been obsessing over these Free Spirit Sphere’s since I first saw them a few months ago. My idea of heaven would be to throw my iPod, a book and my bunny, Radar, in a backpack and retreat to this little wooden ball for a week. She and I would put our little paws and noses to the window and watch bluebirds sing and chipmunks play. Once in awhile we would hang out the door and drop treats to the grizzly bears. We will have our day! Yes, Radar, we will have our day!


The spheres can be purchased or rented. The two rental spheres are located on private land on Vancouver Island, BC near Qualicum Bay. They are nestled into 5 acres of forest and close to a large pond.

Eve is the older and smaller of the two ladies. She is 9′ in diameter and will accommodate up to 300 lbs of human. She does not have a kitchen, only a counter and cupboards. Eve goes for $125/night or $199/2 nights.

Eryn is almost twice as big and can sleep up to four. She has 5 windows and a skylight. She also has a small kitchen including: sink, microwave, small fridge and dishes. She goes for $175/night or $299/2 nights.


A composting toilet is located at the base of the spheres and other facilities are located across the pond, such as: showers, sauna, washrooms, a kitchen and barbecue area with a covered deck.

If you want to purchase one of these for your very own, they’re not cheap. A ready-made wooden sphere will cost you about $150K . The fiberglass version is a little more in my price range at about 1/3 of the cost (and at 1/3 of the charm, in my opinion).


6 responses to “Hanging Home

  1. Holy shit Carmen… this is heaven!

  2. I want to go to there!

  3. Now I know where Matt and I are honeymooning! Hooray!

  4. Battle Bunny

    If you really do, you’re my hero!

  5. It does look awesome, but if they want to get me in there they need some changes in decorating and, most likely, available services.

    Decorating: the pods are the perfect shape and size to decorate like the inside of “I Dream of Jeannie’s” bottle. Once they have that, then only sensitive soul masseur’s are needed to make this the PERFECT chick getaway.

    People should come ask my opinion first but nobody ever does… I don’t get it.

  6. Battle Bunny

    I Dream of Jeannie dome! I like the way you think!

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