Bunny’s Warren

Recently I’ve realized that due to the hodgepodge nature of my posts I’ve developed two very different types of readers who visit this site for two very different reasons. For instance, I’m pretty sure my grandma doesn’t care which bands I’ve been listening to this year and, on the other hand, I’m pretty sure those who are interested don’t really care that one of my bunnies just did a really cute flying kick while simultaneously shaking her ears. On second thought, my grandma probably doesn’t care about that either, but she’s obligated to feign interest.

So, I’ve decided to make the split and have created a different blog, Bunny’s Warren, which will be my outlet to report everyday happenings, trips, thoughts and progress with leukemia. I will also be hosting my CML info pages there. Battle Bunny will continue to be a place where I catalogue my mini-obsessions and share my excitement for random discoveries in music, art, robotics, nature, science¬† and anything else that strikes my fancy.


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