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Spectacular Sofas

With three bunnies in the house, nothing with stitching is safe. Our sofas have been gnawed from every angle. But one day when the little darlings are no more, maybe I’ll treat myself to something stylish like these. Don’t get me wrong, I’d choose my bun-buns over a new… anything, any day of the week…. but a girl can dream.

I. Heart. T’s.

At any given moment there are at least 10 t-shirts that I’ve fallen in love with and have to resist buying. I guess it’s the poor man’s way of owning art.

Below are a few that I’ve got my eye on. Click on image to link to the site.

Woodgrainy Goodness

Ever since my friend Jer created this fabulous poster for my old roller derby team, I’ve been obsessed with woodgrain goods. Here are a few fabulous finds that make me smile. Click pics to go to sites.

Magno Radio - AREAWARE $250

Black Limba Bentwood Ring - Stout Woodworks $75

R4 Persuit - Renovo $2650

Fused Glass Belt Buckle - Kiku Handmade $35

Painted Tree Rings - FOCUSLINEART $95

Bison print - Studio Lyon $18

The Carpenter - Muse AUD $50

Bamboo Clock - Decoylab $58

Alice Shakes It

Check out this amazingly animated Alice in Wonderland book for the iPad. It’s the first thing that’s actually made me want to throw down the scratch for one.

Sick On Sin

I’ve been a big fan of Sick on Sin for awhile now but just finally purchased a shirt. Their merchandise consists of t-shirts, pins, magnets and compact mirrors.

All shirts are on sale for $21 through Saturday. Besides their official site, they have a blog and an Etsy shop. Check ’em!

I bought a shirt with this design..

Here are some other radical designs..

The Dangers of Getting Stoked

I was just thinking about this video today and it made me laugh. The Onion has so many pieces of gold but this may be my favorite.

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The Bumblebeez “Misfit”

I’ve been pretty neglectful of the poor old Battle Bunny blog. I blame Sundance. But now it’s over and I’m free to return to my extraordinary life. 😉

This is a pretty sweet little video by Glue Society on Vimeo. Best costumes ever.

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