Road to Waist

I’m loving these belt buckles made from recycled license plates by Vintage in Retrospect. You can have them write whatever you want on the cassette tape before they seal and ship it. Awesome. I’m trying to remember what cassette tapes I used to rock… The Misfits, The Descendents, Face to Face, The Smiths… Oh and Cyndi Lauper! What about you?


5 responses to “Road to Waist

  1. i still have a small collection of what used to be a HUGE cassette tape collection. so much of it was music recorded off obscure radio shows. lots of euro freaky pop stuff. but i remember what i have left: the cure, fugazi, the pixies, slammin watusis, jesus and mary chain, the sugarcubes, dinosaur jr., and a few other bands and nerdy stuff. i miss making mix tapes. or cds for that matter.

  2. Battle Bunny

    Me too! I remember waiting for days for the radio to play Take on Me by A-ha when I was like 12. Oh and I remember Kerplunk by Green Day getting stuck in my tape deck and it wouldn’t allow the radio to work. I had to listen to that damn album until I yakked.

  3. somehow this immediately reminded me of you.

  4. i mean that in the best way possible, by the way 🙂

  5. Battle Bunny

    Bahahaha! That’s so funny. I love it! And I love this cute little fungus. Thanks for introducing us!!

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