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Top Albums of 2009: 21-30

December is the worst. I hate that it’s dark when I get to work and dark when I get home. I despise wearing socks. Digging my car out from its icy tomb makes me want to take hostages. And if Silent Night were a person I’d punch him in his glasses.

But there is one thing that makes me giddy for this time of year – top album lists! They’re such a great way to be a lazy researcher.. just let everyone else sift through the crap and present the gems. With that said, here’s some of what I was left with after my yearly sift. Starting at 30 and working backwards…

Also I’d love to hear what albums you were crazy for this year!

#30 The RaveonettesIn and Out of Control

* * * * *

#29 TelepatheDance Mother

* * * * *

#28 Portugal. The ManThe Satanic Satanist

* * * * *

#27 Flaming LipsEmbryonic

* * * * *

#26 Washed OutLife of Leisure

* * * * *

#25 Fever RayFever Ray

* * * * *

#24 The ShiversIn the Morning

* * * * *

#23 Matt and KimGrand

* * * * *

#22 CrocodilesSummer of Hate

* * * * *

#21 Smith WesternsSmith Westerns

(#20-#11 next week…)




Telepathe is a Brooklyn-based electro-pop duo. From what I’ve learned, their style has changed and improved quite a bit since the emergence of Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio) as their producer. Their new album, Dance Mother, incorporates tribal drums, dubstep beats and spaced out ambient sounds with shimmering synths. Telepathe’s exploratory nature, coupled with lyrics like Trilogy’s “Let’s make out in the snow. I’ll fuck you up, you ought to know” make them interesting even when they’re not completely on target.

In Your Line


Trilogy: Breath of Life, Crimes and Killings, Threads and Knives


Oh and Andy Milonakis’ description of them is pretty hilarious.