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Victorian Monster Portraiture

Its ironic but I think there are few things that can make us humans feel as alive as a well-executed fantasy. When I first heard that Avatar goers were reporting depression I was totally in the “you’ve got to be kidding me” camp but I think I’ve moved a little to the “I get it” side. It’s like waking up from a night of flying dreams. I’m always bummed that I’m awake and try to fall back into the same dream, but it never works.

I think Brooklyn artist, Travis Louie, probably gets it too. He specializes in what I’d call Victorian monster portraiture. His mythical beings appear to be upper-class elites, each possessing a personality and unique story. I spent a good hour looking through his paintings and reading the little blurbs that tell their tales.  It’s a little like digging up a photograph-filled time capsule on an alien planet. He does a fantastic job of creating mysterious little worlds that leave you wanting to know more.

You can purchase his work at a number of fine art galleries, including Roq La Rue.

Choking Krampus

Maxo the Ultra-Chimp

Miss Bunny

Stack of Demons

Uncle Victor

Richard the Small