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Forest Fire


Forest Fire‘s album, Survival, was pieced together over 8 months by members from 2 states on opposite sides of the country (New York and Oregon).  Their label, Catbird Records, describes their music as “homegrown hymns for those with no religion”. At its surface, Forest Fire is raw, noisy folk-rock, but a number of the tracks have deeper layers of clashing horns reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel. I’m particularly fond of their darker lyrics that sound more like internal dialog, such as “I only wanna seem good in front of the right people… why can’t I kill someone I hate” and “I don’t like what I’ve become”. The French indie music site, La Blogotheque, named Survival their number one album of 2008. With our love of stinky cheese and Forest Fire, The French and I are bound to be fast friends.



Slow Motion