I’m going to see Mogwai play tonight! I’m pretty damn excited to see them for the first time. I expect it will be an earth rumbling good time.

Today one of my favorite sites, OMG Posters!, announced that a couple of incredible Mogwai posters will be going on sale tomorrow at Posters and Toys at 2pm. The first one is almost as epic as their music.

Mogwai Poster

Omaha Show, Artist: Drew Millward


Denver Show, Artist: Ken Taylor


2 responses to “Mogwai

  1. !!! I hope the show was good… I was sad i didnt get to see them at all 😦 Their manager never got back to me about doing tacos or guestlist, but i hope you guys managed to have a rock star night. I wanna hear all about it. Mihaela and I wanna hang with you too before she leaves on Sunday! We’s back in townz just a few minutes ago.

  2. Battle Bunny

    Going to Mogwai without you felt strange… like going to church in a bikini. Still, it was so amazing. They were incredible. We should totally hook up before she leaves. Bruges waffles?

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