There are two things that just baffle me.

1. How can Christians, who say they believe “love they neighbor as thyself”, be opposed to socialized medicine?

2. How can you have children and not become a raging environmentalist?

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Copenhagen Climate Summit and it’s just so disappointing. How do people not understand that we are dooming our own progeny to a bleak existence? I mean, the very best scenario is that they’ll be living in a world where a third of the animal population has gone extinct and rain forest are a thing of the past and cancer levels continue to rise. I don’t understand how anything you can do or buy for your children could be as wonderful of a gift as a beautiful healthy earth. Our governments aren’t going to fix this. Governments want growth.. that means they want to produce and export and import and build and see population booms. I don’t see them ever stepping in to stop this thing that is already spinning out of control. Climate change will eventually cost our countries far more than it would cost us to reduce our carbon emissions to a healthy level now.. but that’s in the semi-distant future and as much as we say that we care about posterity, it really comes down to “as long as it doesn’t cause me discomfort”.


5 responses to “$*&#$!

  1. So, I think in all actuality you are more open-minded than to stereotype all “Christians” as being opposed to socialized medicine. It’s a political thing, being opposed to socialized medicine, due to faith (or lack thereof) in the government’s ability to handle it, and in America, at least, in the upholding of the power granted to said government by the Constitution. If the state of Utah (or any other state) voted for socialized medicine in that state, that would be constitutional, but Federal socialized medicine should not be within the bounds of Federal jurisdiction. That said, being a Christian, I do believe that as a race we should be more caring of people and their need for help, especially in cases such as yours, where through absolutely no fault of your own, you have a need for care you cannot afford. Second topic, I am with you there. Three kids. Eat raw. Turn off heater at night. Recycle everything. Don’t watch garbage on TV. Don’t buy stuff unless absolutely necessary. Buy ONLY organic foods, preferably local grown. Use earth friendly cleaning products, soaps, diapers, clothes, hair and beauty products, etc. Teach my kids about conservation and veganism and kindness and accountability. Oh, and my new favorite motto to live by: “Exert no force on another person”.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Zach (Zach N., I presume)!

    Well, you’re right to call me out on stereotyping. And you’re right that I don’t actually think all Christians are opposed to socialized medicine. But at least in my experience, I have yet to meet a Christian that is supportive of it. And when I ask their reasoning they typically don’t have a thoughtful response such as yours. They usually end up saying something to the effect of, “It’s my money, the gov’t doesn’t have the right to take it away and give it to someone else!” or “health care reform should be left up to the community, not the gov’t”.

    I believe that what’s good for the individual is usually good for the community and what’s good for the community is good for the individual. I don’t plan on having kids but paying taxes which go towards educating other people’s kids in a public school is a good thing for them and good thing for the rest of us as they will become productive within the society. Likewise, having a physically healthy community is good for the rest of us, both because there will be fewer untreated people walking around spreading ailments and also because people won’t be losing their homes, etc because of medical bills and putting a strain on our social programs. As for the gov’t staying out of the issue and relying on the kindness of people, well, that’s a very utopian view of the world and I hope one day we live in that world. People are compassionate (and its not without notice that religions are always up to their elbows in charity) but its just not enough.

    I understand that those were not your arguments. I just wanted you to see where I’m coming from. As far as the issue being out of federal jurisdiction.. that may be and I understand where you’re coming from. I would just like to see a change happen somewhere and for people to put their money (or their vote) where their mouths are when it comes to compassion.

    And WOW! kudos to you and your family! It’s so nice to hear that there are people who can make the connection between their actions and the world they are creating for their children. Your efforts put mine to shame!

  3. Unfortunately politics and money will trump the common good always.

  4. My money actually going to a good cause?! I don’t think so. And what’s this about the environment? I haven’t read this. hehe

  5. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally.

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