Next Stop Adventure

Next Stop Adventure is Matt Gauck, an artist and illustrator from Portland, OR. I want to live in his fanciful world where robots groom trees and albino sperm whales find themselves wedged in tree tops. I think I love the way he makes use of color in his backdrops as much as the images themselves. Also, my friend Jason wanted me to mention that I like the tiny red speckles in the monster painting below. He thinks that I’m retarded and wants the rest of you to know it too.

It doesn’t look like Matt’s site is working, but if you want to own something as much as I want to own this whale painting, you could hit him up on his Myspace or Flickr account.


4 responses to “Next Stop Adventure

  1. hi! i’m wondering if you’d be interested in joe sorren, he’s one of my very favorites. I believe he’s out of flagstaff, AZ., or google him and you can find other galleries of his work.

  2. Oooo! I love it. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll probably blog about him!

  3. i love the robot inspecting the leaves…

  4. Hey Battle Bunny,
    Glad that you liked Joe’s work. Thank you to Lindsay for mentioning him. Just thought you both should know that Joe has recently put his prints on a 30% off sale for the holidays!
    Best Regards,
    Kristi Frazier, Studio Manager
    Joe Sorren Art Studios

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