Gentlemen, Scotch, and Song

Kell and our friend Jared have started a new podcast, Gentlemen, Scotch, and Song. You can listen as they sit down with a fine glass of scotch, discuss music in a polite fashion and completely rock out. I love the chemistry between the duo, which isn’t surprising since they are such funny individuals.

They’ve posted their first show and another should be up in the near future. So settle in with your own libation and flip your hearing switch into the “hell yeah” position.

You can listen via their site or iTunes.

Below is the playlist from their first show:

  1. “Revenge” by Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse featuring the Flaming Lips.  Album “Dark Night of the Soul” in 2009.  Visuals on the project from Mr. David Lynch.  Website :
  2. “Brazil” by Cornelius.  Album “Point” on Matador Records in 2002.  Originally composed by Ary Barroso/Bob Russell.  Notes : Original Portuguese version written by Barroso in 1939 under the name “Aquarela do Brasil”
  3. “Bell” by Screaming Females.  Album “Power Move” on Gon Giovanni Records in 2009.
  4. “Dove” by Ikon, remixed by Stephane Pompougnac.  Album “The Concorde Lounge – Super Sonic Jet Set Love” on Casa Brutus records in 2003.  Originally composed by Ireland/Rizzo.
  5. “The Sheep Look up” by dj /rupture and Andy Moor.  Album “Patches” on Cargo Records in 2009.
  6. “Zum Zum” by Mike Monday.  Album “Smorgasbord” on Playtime records in 2006.  Originally composed by Mike Monday.

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