Robots Birthing Robots

Say hi to Noelle, the pregnant robot. She was created to train med students and I think she’s pretty neat. I only wish that they would have made her a little more realistic, either by making her face really pissed off or by adding a “curse-like-an-angry-sailor” button. If robots ever become conscious, I wonder if they’ll look back at this and find it super creepy.


3 responses to “Robots Birthing Robots

  1. Nah. We’d just deny their consciousness, say they don’t have “souls”, and continue to exploit them as our servants and inferiors.

    p.s. this is way neat. ;P

  2. Awesome! Although I agree about the face. Also, they should squirt reddish slimy stuff all over the students as it gets delivered. There’s also the real problem of poopie on the table. Just sayin’ they could make it more real… 🙂

  3. “this is very realistic” I’m with the two up there. Defiantly a cursing button and defiantly needs to shoot red slimy stuff!!

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