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I love this little guy and am kinda blown away at his ability to balance and correct. And the way that they programmed him to stop the bike and wave to the crowd = brilliant.

Babybot for a Better Life

And I thought the fire breathing babybot would be the last time I saw a ginormous baby robot. Isabel Coixet, the Spanish director who both wrote and directed Bastille (one of the 20 segments from the wonderful film collage, Paris, je’taime) has created an enormous and strangely realistic infant for the Shanghai Expo 2010. In response to the expo’s theme, “Better City, Better Life”, Coixet says she hopes to remind the world that “all our actions have direct consequences on our children’s future and that we have to react to this”. Amen, sister.

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I’ve gotta figure out a way to fit this blog into my new work schedule! I miss sharing fantastic pieces of human quirkiness like this cute little skating robot.

Assemble Robot Assemble

What’s better than a robot? A retro robot! And what’s better than a retro robot? A retro robot that blasts music from your iPod through it’s chest, of course!

New York based Lipson Robotics, is the mastermind and creator responsible for these uber cool sculptures. They’re composed of random pieces found at thrift stores, recycle shops, junkyards, retail stores, construction sites and off of the street. Think Bender from Futurama meets a 1957 Chevy Bel Air and they decide to swap scraps. I love the idea of owning something that was created through a scavenger hunt, of sorts. If only the individual pieces could tell their life stories!

You can purchase one at the Lipson Robotics Etsy page. Or if the robots themselves are a little too pricey, you can pick up one of these 80-page books which contain over 100 photos.

Robots Birthing Robots

Say hi to Noelle, the pregnant robot. She was created to train med students and I think she’s pretty neat. I only wish that they would have made her a little more realistic, either by making her face really pissed off or by adding a “curse-like-an-angry-sailor” button. If robots ever become conscious, I wonder if they’ll look back at this and find it super creepy.

Next Stop Adventure

Next Stop Adventure is Matt Gauck, an artist and illustrator from Portland, OR. I want to live in his fanciful world where robots groom trees and albino sperm whales find themselves wedged in tree tops. I think I love the way he makes use of color in his backdrops as much as the images themselves. Also, my friend Jason wanted me to mention that I like the tiny red speckles in the monster painting below. He thinks that I’m retarded and wants the rest of you to know it too.

It doesn’t look like Matt’s site is working, but if you want to own something as much as I want to own this whale painting, you could hit him up on his Myspace or Flickr account.

Can Robots Teach Me To Love Xmas?

If they do things like what they’re doing in this video… you bet your ass they can. JAZZHANDS!!!

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