Left vs Right: A View of the Political Spectrum

A couple of days ago I made a status update on Facebook in opposition to the group “Making Drug Tests Required to Get Welfare” which started a debate over whether or not the idea is (as the ACLU puts it) scientifically, fiscally, and constitutionally sound.

I’m sure my conservative friends and family see my viewpoints as naive, sinful and heathenistic while I see theirs as cold, exclusionary and based on a sense of moral superiority. Sometimes I have a really hard time finding any common ground and it feels like the chasm is too great to ever agree on solutions.

The whole thing just reminded me of an interesting chart I saw awhile back on one of my favorite sites, Information is Beautiful. It’s called Left vs Right: A View of the Political Spectrum by David McCandless and information artist Stefanie Posavec, taken from my book The Visual Miscellaneum.

Click on the image to enlarge. And FYI, counter to what you’d expect, Left is in red and Right is in blue.


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