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Kings of Camouflage

Cuttlefish are hands down my favorite animal. These strange little creatures have three hearts, blue-green blood, can alter their skin to match an enormous range of colors and textures even though they can only see in shades of green and are intelligent enough to change their defensive strategies based on the type of predator they are facing.

Below is fascinating hour-long Nova special which does a great job explaining how their skin functions as well as exploring their intelligence and odd mating behaviors.


TED Talk: David Gallo – Underwater Astonishments

Another favorite TED talk. David Gallo shows video footage of luminescent deep-sea creatures and camouflaging cephalopods. Have I mentioned lately that I can’t stop thinking about cuttlefish?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Underwater Camo Power

I’m completely obsessed with animals that can change colors, textures and/or behaviors to camouflage themselves. Some of my favorites are the cuttlefish and the mimic octopus. Here’s a little clip from National Geographic that shows some of both. I want this as my superpower!