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Spanish Sahara

The Foals album, Antidotes, was one of my favorite albums of 2008. I’ve been anxiously awaiting their next album, Total Life Forever, which is scheduled to drop in the U.S. on May 11th so I was pretty stoked to run into this video for a new song, Spanish Sahara. I was surprised by how different it is from the dance-punk rhythms of earlier songs but not at all surprised by how much it tickled the pleasure center of my brain. The video itself is a little creepy but gorgeous and mesmerizing (as is singer Yannis Philippakis and his big brown eyes). Oh and the expansive winter landscapes completely reminded me of a Dan McCarthy painting.. like this one minus the dinosaur.


Dan McCarthy: Dark Days

I love this print that was released by Dan McCarthy, last month. The sky has the appearance of  ink mixing with water, the ocean is made up of repetitive waves sealed under a straight, flat horizon and the squid looks like he’s either deranged or on some serious psychedelics.

Dark Days

Dark Days