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The Thermals – I Don’t Believe You

Ooo! A new Thermals album already! Happy, happy me!

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The Dangers of Getting Stoked

I was just thinking about this video today and it made me laugh. The Onion has so many pieces of gold but this may be my favorite.

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Spanish Sahara

The Foals album, Antidotes, was one of my favorite albums of 2008. I’ve been anxiously awaiting their next album, Total Life Forever, which is scheduled to drop in the U.S. on May 11th so I was pretty stoked to run into this video for a new song, Spanish Sahara. I was surprised by how different it is from the dance-punk rhythms of earlier songs but not at all surprised by how much it tickled the pleasure center of my brain. The video itself is a little creepy but gorgeous and mesmerizing (as is singer Yannis Philippakis and his big brown eyes). Oh and the expansive winter landscapes completely reminded me of a Dan McCarthy painting.. like this one minus the dinosaur.

The Bumblebeez “Misfit”

I’ve been pretty neglectful of the poor old Battle Bunny blog. I blame Sundance. But now it’s over and I’m free to return to my extraordinary life. 😉

This is a pretty sweet little video by Glue Society on Vimeo. Best costumes ever.

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Can Robots Teach Me To Love Xmas?

If they do things like what they’re doing in this video… you bet your ass they can. JAZZHANDS!!!

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Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able

I’ve become re-obsessed with Grizzly Bear’s Vickatimest over the past few weeks. This video for their song Ready, Able, directed by Allison Schulnik, is a little creepy and a lot amazing.

Dead Hearts

How can I stop obsessing over Dead Man’s Bones when they keep producing such fantasticness?! I love this perfectly nightmarish video for Dead Hearts. It takes a bit to get going but the creepy wishbone is totally worth it.

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Darwin’s Darkest Hour

Nova’s 2-hour drama, Darwin’s Darkest Hour,  premiers today and will begin streaming online tomorrow. It looks pretty good. Also, Henry Ian Cusick plays Darwin so maybe it will satiate my LOST craving for a wee second.

Here’s the trailer.

Drunk Monkeys

This is really interesting (and pretty funny). According to this video, the monkeys’ individual desire for alcohol varies one from another, similar to human patterns.

Fuck Buttons: Surf Solar

I’m loving Fuck Button’s new song “Surf Solar”. This video’s pretty awesome too. Although with such a sweet track name, I was kinda hoping for unicorns surfing on the sun or something of the sort. I suppose whirling penguins layered on a city of lights is a close second.