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BBC/Discovery: LIFE

The BBC and Discovery have done it again. They’ve created another insanely beautiful animal documentary, Life, following Planet Earth and Blue Planet. The 11-part series debuted in the US last month and purchases start shipping June 1st. This latest series focuses on the extreme behavior and specialized strategies which have evolved in certain animals.

If you’re looking for a teaser, check out the trailer below or these clips off of the Discovery site. I just watched the cuttlefish clip where a couple of males battle over a lady. Not only are their color shows amazing but its a little humorous watching what appears to be a couple of submerged rugs throwing down.

You can pre-purchase a copy here. Although, I bought my copy off of Amazon so that I could have the UK version with narration by David Attenborough instead of Oprah Winfrey. I do love Mr. Attenborough so… and sorry Oprah but I can’t respect anyone who vouches for The Secret no matter how philanthropic you are.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


We Live in Public

I’m so stoked to catch We Live in Public (by Ondi Timoner) tonight! This documentary takes a look at dot-com millionaire, Josh Harris, and his incredible social experiment of the 1990’s, Quiet: We Live in Public. The 100+ artists who participated in Harris’ party lived completely free in a New York capsule hotel but agreed to do so under complete video surveillance (which was streamed into the other hotel rooms). After Q:WLiP, he and his girlfriend completed another 6 months living under 24-hour online surveillance which documented and helped to facilitate their breakup and his mental breakdown.