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Underwater Camo Power

I’m completely obsessed with animals that can change colors, textures and/or behaviors to camouflage themselves. Some of my favorites are the cuttlefish and the mimic octopus. Here’s a little clip from National Geographic that shows some of both. I want this as my superpower!

Lebbeus carmenae

Meet my friend, Shrimp.


Shrimp has been hiding in the deep waters off of south western Australia, sporting polka dots and a mohawk. He only wants two things: to be 80’s punk and to acquire a rightful name.

Anna McCallum, the PhD student who discovered the new species, has opted to auction off the rights to name him. The money will be donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

The cute little guy belongs to the genus Lebbeus. The species name, which the winning bidder will chose, will follow after Lebbeus and finish with a Latin endingĀ  (“i” to signify a male is being honored or “ae” to signify a female is being honored).



As Tim Winton, an AMCS patron, states on their website:

Who wouldn’t love this spotty little bugger? Who wouldn’t want their name on it, and what kind of Australian could resist shelling out for the privilege of naming a crustacean? It’ll be a stampede, so get your bid in early and go hard.

Bidding will continue on eBay through Wednesday, April 1st.

At the time of this post, the current bid was at AU $3,050.00. I guess Mr. Winton was right!

Transparent Headed Fish, OH MY!


Macropinna Microstoma is a deep sea fish that has adapted to its dark habitat with tubular eyes, encapsulated in a transparent head. The eyes can rotate around inside the skull as needed to catch its prey. The two dark spots that we would recognize as eyes are actually its olfactory organs. If there is a god, he’s wicked creative.

Here is an article by The Monterey Aquarium with more details. And below is a video.

TED: Sylvia Earle

If you’re not familiar with the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks, prepare to be delighted. TED brings together some of the brightest minds of our time, once a year, to give “the talk of their lifetime” in under 18 minutes.

Every year 3 individuals are chosen for the TED prize. In addition to receiving $100,000, they are granted one wish to change the world. These wishes have lead to amazingly successful collaborative efforts. Sylvia Earle was a TED prize recipient of this year’s conference (held earlier this month). She is a renowned oceanographer and “ambassador for the worlds oceans”.

She’s not the worlds most eloquent orator, but I think she’s pretty badass. Also, somewhere in this video there’s a 2 second clip of a whale shark, which I would argue, is the most badass of all sharks. Take that, great white, you showoff.

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