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Spike Press comes out with some of my favorite band posters. The first 3 pictured below, for the National, are incredible. Does anybody know what the images are that make up the colored portion of the prints? It looks like Rodin’s Gates of Hell (which is mind-blowing in person – check it out if you’re ever in Paris)┬ábut it seems like it would be hard to make a print from a sculpture, so I’m lost. You can purchase prints from their site or view a collection of prints from past and present at Gig Posters.


LOST: I’ve got a serious problem

Ellie is Lost with the Others by Jeremy Asher Lynch

I’m completely and helplessly addicted to LOST. I’m already mourning the end of the series and there are still 9 episodes left. The most common complaint I hear from people about LOST is that the show never answers any questions but keeps asking new ones. I couldn’t care less. I love being teased so I could go for another 6 years of the same thing.

Here are some cool LOST inspired art pieces. Even if you’re not a fan, there’s some cool stuff by some talented artists worth following.

The Swan by Carlos Ramos

Locke vs Jaco by Tasty "Shops"

Circle of Ash by Chris Ryniak

8 By Mattson Creative

The Number 108 by Ben Strawn

Rousseau's Transmission by Dan McCarthy

Hurley by Jimiyo

The Polar Bear Conundram by Dan May

The Swan Station by Rob Jones