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The Great Wave of Hippity Hoppities

As a lover of all things lagomorphic, I can’t help but adore the art work of Kozyndan. I was pretty excited to see this new vinyl prototype of their popular work, Uprisings (which is based on Hokusai’s The Great Wave of Kanagawa). You can purchase prints here at their shop.

…and the original…

… and some other rad Kozyndan creations


Assemble Robot Assemble

What’s better than a robot? A retro robot! And what’s better than a retro robot? A retro robot that blasts music from your iPod through it’s chest, of course!

New York based Lipson Robotics, is the mastermind and creator responsible for these uber cool sculptures. They’re composed of random pieces found at thrift stores, recycle shops, junkyards, retail stores, construction sites and off of the street. Think Bender from Futurama meets a 1957 Chevy Bel Air and they decide to swap scraps. I love the idea of owning something that was created through a scavenger hunt, of sorts. If only the individual pieces could tell their life stories!

You can purchase one at the Lipson Robotics Etsy page. Or if the robots themselves are a little too pricey, you can pick up one of these 80-page books which contain over 100 photos.

Sparkington (the Alien)

O-M-G! My brother and his girlfriend are so amazing. Check out this incredible piece of metallic delight they got us for Xmas! I am in awe. I want to cuddle him while I sleep but I think for my safety (and his) he’ll have to remain on the mantle next to Buddha’s head. A duo made in heaven!



Right Side

Left Side