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Spectacular Sofas

With three bunnies in the house, nothing with stitching is safe. Our sofas have been gnawed from every angle. But one day when the little darlings are no more, maybe I’ll treat myself to something stylish like these. Don’t get me wrong, I’d choose my bun-buns over a new… anything, any day of the week…. but a girl can dream.


Styrofoam Sculptures

Check out these cool sculptures created from styrofoam. People always amaze me! How does one look at packaging innards from a DVD player and think.. ROBOT! HUMMER! TREE! ?


Styrobot by Michael A. Salter


Formula 1 Race Car by Michael A. Salter


Untitled by Tara Donovan

Styro Hummer

American Detritus by Andrew Junge


Styrofoam Tree by Dio Mendoza


Styrofoam Couch by Kwangho Lee