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Spectacular Sofas

With three bunnies in the house, nothing with stitching is safe. Our sofas have been gnawed from every angle. But one day when the little darlings are no more, maybe I’ll treat myself to something stylish like these. Don’t get me wrong, I’d choose my bun-buns over a new… anything, any day of the week…. but a girl can dream.


2010 TED Talks!

The 2010 TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talks started Tuesday and will continue on through tomorrow. The roster in past years has been impressive and this year’s is no different. I was stoked to see some familiar names listed, such as David Byrne, M. Ward, Sam Harris, Sarah Silverman and Michael Specter. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this year’s talks. In celebration, here is the first (and still my favorite) TED talk I ever saw.

… That Don’t Suck

Cyberoptix is a tie “lab” created and ran by Detroit artist, Bethany Shorb. I love the delicious colors and fun graphics. If you’ve gotta wear a piece of useless fabric around your neck, might as well make it art! You can purchase one of her ties on her site or at her Etsy shop for around $30-$40. She also maintains a really cool blog, Toybreaker, where she showcases new designs.

Ganesha and Mac ‘n Cheese

How cool are these Keds by Methane Studios? And they’re customizable so you can enhance (or decrease, depending on your aesthetic sense) their appeal! My studies in art history left me with a real affinity for religious iconography. My stomach’s studies in high fat,  nutrition-less foods left me with an affinity for mac ‘n cheese. I really want a pair of the Ganesha design… and maybe a doughnut too.

Covet, customize and buy them at Zazzle.