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Ready, Set, Sundance!

I love living in Salt Lake during the Sundance Film Festival! Not only do we have access to fantastic indie films before the rest of the world, but we can enjoy them without going to Park City and fighting the crowds.

We were able to secure tickets for the first three below and can hopefully waitlist our ways into the last three.

Click on the image to view the trailer.


Jean-Michel Basquait: The Radiant Child

Enemies of the People

Sins of My Father


Get Low

1 A E O N

I’m kind of in love with the owl and hawk designs below from 1 A E O N. You can find the full line here on Etsy. They also run a blog which they update on a fairly regular basis with new designs and happenings.


I can’t wait to see Creation which is set to release in the US in a couple of weeks. It’s the story of Charles Darwin and the reactions of those closest to him, including his religious wife.  Fortunately his wife is played by the delightful Jennifer Connelly which will make dragging my boyfriend to it effortless.

Bunny’s Warren

Recently I’ve realized that due to the hodgepodge nature of my posts I’ve developed two very different types of readers who visit this site for two very different reasons. For instance, I’m pretty sure my grandma doesn’t care which bands I’ve been listening to this year and, on the other hand, I’m pretty sure those who are interested don’t really care that one of my bunnies just did a really cute flying kick while simultaneously shaking her ears. On second thought, my grandma probably doesn’t care about that either, but she’s obligated to feign interest.

So, I’ve decided to make the split and have created a different blog, Bunny’s Warren, which will be my outlet to report everyday happenings, trips, thoughts and progress with leukemia. I will also be hosting my CML info pages there. Battle Bunny will continue to be a place where I catalogue my mini-obsessions and share my excitement for random discoveries in music, art, robotics, nature, science  and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Hate Sheep, Love Holiday Sweaters

Just in time for Christmas I stumbled across this fantastic site, We Hate Sheep, We Love Holiday Sweaters. You can create your very own Christmas sweater! If only I’d known about this a month ago. Better late than never!

Here is the sweater I would have created. For some reason there was a panda bear available. Yes, please, I will make the giant panda a part of my Christmas experience!

There’s even a hall of shame on this site! Oh please, oh please let me make it! (See what sorts of things you can waste your time on when you don’t have kids!)

We Live in Public

I’m so stoked to catch We Live in Public (by Ondi Timoner) tonight! This documentary takes a look at dot-com millionaire, Josh Harris, and his incredible social experiment of the 1990’s, Quiet: We Live in Public. The 100+ artists who participated in Harris’ party lived completely free in a New York capsule hotel but agreed to do so under complete video surveillance (which was streamed into the other hotel rooms). After Q:WLiP, he and his girlfriend completed another 6 months living under 24-hour online surveillance which documented and helped to facilitate their breakup and his mental breakdown.

Ganesha and Mac ‘n Cheese

How cool are these Keds by Methane Studios? And they’re customizable so you can enhance (or decrease, depending on your aesthetic sense) their appeal! My studies in art history left me with a real affinity for religious iconography. My stomach’s studies in high fat,  nutrition-less foods left me with an affinity for mac ‘n cheese. I really want a pair of the Ganesha design… and maybe a doughnut too.

Covet, customize and buy them at Zazzle.