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Shake It!

Today my man-friend and I went to IKEA to look for a ┬ánumber of things including salt and pepper shakers. Apparently Europeans hate the stuff because we couldn’t find a single shaker. Or maybe it’s just that we’re shopping impaired.

Anyhow, I came home and decided to give Etsy a go at it. What I found was a treasure trove of really bad handcrafted items. But there were a few really cool diamonds in the rough. Okay, so maybe the baby hands will give you nightmares, but they’re also awesome.

Click on the pics to go to the seller.


Vintage Minimalism Aglow

One day I’ll want to live in a house like a real grown-up. And when that day comes, I think I’ll buy something from KAM Lamp Company. Retro-y handmade deliciousness. The Swarovsky crystal light is like a Victorian disco ball. Love it!

… That Don’t Suck

Cyberoptix is a tie “lab” created and ran by Detroit artist, Bethany Shorb. I love the delicious colors and fun graphics. If you’ve gotta wear a piece of useless fabric around your neck, might as well make it art! You can purchase one of her ties on her site or at her Etsy shop for around $30-$40. She also maintains a really cool blog, Toybreaker, where she showcases new designs.

1 A E O N

I’m kind of in love with the owl and hawk designs below from 1 A E O N. You can find the full line here on Etsy. They also run a blog which they update on a fairly regular basis with new designs and happenings.

Patterned Antlers

San Antonio artist, Jennifer Khoshbin, is the creator of these fabulous paper resin deer heads. I know, I know.. you won’t get the thrill of killing a shy peaceful creature from 100 ft away with your technologically advanced weapon, but it’d still look pretty awesome against a dark accent wall. You can purchase her work at her Etsy store, Ruby’s Lounge.

Lucky Bunny Worldwide

The last week has been sucktacular. And what do I do when I have a bad day? Well, the same thing that every woman does – shop. I love these shirts of bunnies getting rowdy created by Rich DeSimone. Could there be a better lineup for Battle Bunny? My sweet friend Melaney purchased the tank bunny for me awhile back and I just bought the buckin’ bunny. You can purchase these and others at his Etsy shop, Lucky Bunny Worldwide. Yeehaw!


buckin' bunny


Sad Robot

There’s absolutely nothing sadder than a sad robot.


Don’t you just want to shnuggle him and tell him everything will be okay? He was created by Little Brown Byrd Creations on Etsy although it looks like somebody already scooped him up for some consoling.

But don’t fret, there’s still a darling little nerdbot for purchase. And while I can’t relate to him as much, I think he probably understands my moth obsession.